Seeking 10-min usability tester volunteers for our Agile tool

August 15, 2013

In the quest to build the Agile tool which focuses on simplicity, usability and the big picture, we are looking for feedback.

Out of frustration of bloated Agile tools in the market, a few of my Agile coach colleagues have found a startup to build a new Agile tool that we really want to use. We started off as internal tool we have used to run Agile project in our team with our clients. We like it, our customers like it so we think others might like it too.

We choose to follow the generic Agile project model which we know best e.g.  from the Agile Estimating and Planning by Mike Cohn.  So we structure the project with Project\Release\Iteration instead of Product Backlog\Sprint Backlog taught in Scrum.

We have tried hard to make it simple but it does not seem like people have found it that simple yet so we would like to explore it further with usability test from the Agile community.

If you have 10 minute to spare in the hope of contributing to a chance of building a useful and simple Agile tool, message me and I will send you a link of a web-based remote usability test tool.  All you need to do is to just think OUT LOUD when you do try the system.


Kulawat, CEO & Agile Coach

P.S. : The remote usability test tool that we are using is which can record your mouse movement and your voice via browser (with Java Applet enabled)