Eidos Release Notes

We are maturing our beta by releasing new features every 2 weeks (listed below).
If you are interested in our beta, sign up at theeidos.com

Aug 19, 2013
  • Your Release Summary page just got better.
    • You can now edit Release name and see velocity of your past iterations.
    • Plus, you can use Gravatar for your profile picture. Cheers :D
Aug 5, 2013
  • Story Card and Storyboard just got better!
    • You can now submit card comment with ENTER, delete comment, and see who creates the card.
    • Storyboard is also polished so it looks nice for small teams as well. 

Jul 22, 2013

  • UX Improvements

    • Can't find where to create Project, Release or Iteration? Now you can easily create them on any page with our new Create links on nevigation dropdown menu. Let's try them…. Hooray !

    • Gear menu in popup story card, which you can delete and move stories to wherever you like. :D

    • You can now go to Storyboard or Iteration Planning directly from the Release Summary page.

    • Invitation Emails without images

    • Clearer wordings in Create Project

    • Clearer hand pointers in Story Card


Jul 8, 2013

  • UX Improvements

    • Invitation Emails without images

    • Clearer wordings in Create Project

    • Clearer hand pointers in Story Card


Jun 24, 2013

  • UX Improvements

    • Comment timestamp is more obvious

    • Page titles are introduced

    • Hovered Navigation Menus

    • Better labeling in Story Card

    • Various UX improvements

  • Release Burndown in Release Summary


Jun 10, 2013

  • Release Backlog in Release Summary – now you can create stories in the release backlog for better release planning and grooming


May 27, 2013

  • Iteration Planning Improvement - star important stories in unprioritized release backlog 


May 13, 2013

  • Iteration Planning Improvement - now with 3 columns e.g.the release backlog split into prioritized and unprioritzed for easier planning


Apr 29, 2013

  • Iteration Planning Improvement – better performance 


Apr 15, 2013

  • Navigation Menu – go anywhere easily


Apr 1, 2013

  • Manage Team in Storyboard – easily right in the board

  • Gear Menu on Project Backlog – so you can move stories in your project backlog to its destinaiton

  • Create Iteration for Close Iteration – so you do not have to do it yourself


Mar 18, 2013

  • Intercom Feedback – for more engaged customer support

  • Create Story in Storyboard – is now easier with Create button right at the top of the iteration backlog


Mar 4, 2013

  • Backend Performance Improvement


Feb 18, 2013

  • Story Delete - is now possible

  • New landing page 


Feb 4, 2013

  • Release Burndown - visualize the big picture of your release progress

  • Commentator Profile Image – see who have commented in the story card


Jan 20, 2013

  • Performance improvements


Dec 23, 2012

  • Performance improvements


Dec 9, 2012

  • Manage Team – is now much easier than ever


Nov 25, 2012

  • Authorization improvements

Nov 11, 2012

  • Performance improvements


Oct 28, 2012

  • Upload Profile Picture - Express you identity by uploading a nice profile picture

  • Private Beta Provisioning - Users who accept the Private Beta Invitation will get their accounts created and can begin using Eidos right away!

Oct 14, 2012

  • User Home – You now have a "Home" page, so you no longer have to remember the long storyboard URL. Just go to http://theeidos.com/ and you should have links to your projects, releases, and iterations there! You can always go back to the Home page by clicking on the top left Eidos logo.

  • Real-Time Update on Storyboard – After fighting with it for the longest time, real-time updates in storyboard has been deployed! As you move cards around in the storyboard, your teammates, whether they sit next to you or in different continent, should see the changes too!

  • Create Release - Create multiple releases in your project

Sep 30, 2012

  • Project Home – your project finally have a home, a good starting point for the project which has project data like team members (more to come)

  • Logged On User Profile Image – finally! now you know that you are really logged in :-)

  • Iteration Planning 

    • ​Release Backlog quick search – to help you quickly find stories in the release backlog during iteration planning

    • Edit cards via pop-up

    • Performance improvement 

    • Various minor improvements

Sep 16, 2012

  • File attachment - user story is supposed to be Small but occasionally we need to capture more details and of course, with thumnail since a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Iteration Planning (sneak peek) – you can get a glimpse  of Iteration Planning before the complete one comes out next week

  • File attachment improvement - you can now delete attachment and upload files with long name

Sep 2, 2012

  • Close Iteration- to support discucssion during Iteration Review and move open cards to next iteration

  • Iteration backlog ordering - to keep those stories in order

  • Linkable URL in story card - make your life a bit easier

  • Close pop-up card with ESC - you asked for it, you got it

  • Fix input box sizing - now you can see those accidentally hidden input text

  • Fix login error from expiring cookie - our apology to let you experience those 500 errors

Aug 19, 2012

  • Top Navigation Bar - so you can go to other iteration or go to releasesummary to add iteration

  • Add iteration - you can now have more than one iteration!

  • Edit iteration - modify start and stop date

  • Move a card to another iteration - you are not supposed to but we know you need it sometimes

  • Fancy scrollbar! - maximize your workspace with transparent scrollbar

  • Append "pt(s)" to story point - for better readability

  • Backlog waiting indicator - so you know it is working on something

  • Focus on "Name" when open story pop-up - to improve usability

  • Fix for failed login redirecting problem - so you are redirected correctly after a failed login

  • Fix for storypoint scrollbar issue on Mac - since we do care about Mac!

Aug 5, 2012

  • Column point sum - showing amount of work in progress of each status

  • Update card on board when pop-up card is updated - so they are in-sync

  • Various improvements

Jul 22, 2012

  • Bare-minimum storyboard - you can move your cards around the storyboard

  • Bare-minimum story card - you can now create and update card